2021 Land Rover Defender 90

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The Land Rover Defender has always managed to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Year after year, this extraordinary machine has provided people with countless hours of entertainment, in the hopes of giving you the best ride you have ever had. What we especially want to focus on today is the 2021 Land Rover Defender 90. This is a three-door version of the model you know and love, with advanced technologies, seating for up to six people, and a compact wheelbase that is perfect for all of your off-roading needs. The pioneering spirit is always alive and well with Land Rover, and we are here to tell you why that spirit is thriving more than ever with the Defender 90. Keep reading down below to find out more!


What engines come with the Defender 90?

Every Land Rover Defender 90 can come with one of two different engines. The first is a turbocharged four-cylinder, while the second is a highly efficient six-cylinder mild-hybrid option. The six-cylinder, in particular, works with a twin-scroll turbocharger, along with an advanced 48-volt electric supercharger. Every engine that we have mentioned comes standard with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and twin-speed transfer case. THis helps to provide the low-range ratios that are especially needed whenever the Defender 90 goes off-roading, or when you're dealing with towing needs.


2021 Land Rover Defender 90 at Land Rover North Dade

Anyone who is looking for the latest and great from Land Rover needs to only stop by our dealership! We make sure that we have a wide selection of Land Rover Defender 90 models for sale, and we are positive that these are the SUVs that you have been waiting for. By seating six passengers comfortably, and giving you the technology and capability you need, you can never go wrong with a Defender 90.

Can you tell me about the design of the Defender 90?

A lot of time and effort goes into making a vehicle as stylish and capable as the Defender 90. The first thing we want to remind you is that the Defender 90 is capable of seating six passengers! Beyond that, this SUV offers you a distinctive silhouette and optimum proportions. There is also an inherent toughness to the design, along with a rugged modular architecture that is used to make sure that this vehicle embraces that adventurous spirit. You'll enjoy a curated exterior palette with unique colors, and the best finishes that really make this vehicle feel luxurious, no matter how well it performs off the road. Furthermore, the interior is highly functional, making sure that the layout is as practical as possible to make every ride that much better. 


Can you tell me about the configurable terrain response?

One of the ways that Land Rover is making sure that vehicles like the Defender 90 can really live up to their name is by providing you with systems like Terrain Response. This allows you, the driver, to change the touchscreen with the Pivi Pro infotainment system to suit your surroundings. You can prevent cross-axle slip, by utilizing Center Slip Limited, Center, and Rear Slip Limited. There are also three settings for the gearbox and throttle response, along with steering and traction control. You can also get the Intelligent Auto functionality of Terrain Response!  Other perks include All-Terrain Progress Control and ClearSight Ground View.


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