Important Summer Maintenance for your Land Rover

Important Summer Maintenance for your Land Rover

Get Summer Ready at Land Rover of North Dade

Summer is here with all its hot, unpredictable weather. Summer can be tough on your Land Rover, and the service center here at Land Rover of North Dade would like to take a few moments to offer some service tips to get your car ready for the Summer months. The certified technicians in our service center have the skills, tools, and knowledge to keep you comfortable and safe throughout the whole Summer. Keep reading below as we offer you some top Summer car care tips!

Check your air conditioning

Heat and Summer go hand in hand, and while Miami experiences heat year-round, temperatures rise even more in the Summer. The next best thing to escaping the heat is getting into a car with ice-cold A/C. We don't want any of our customers to get in their car on a hot summer day and find that the vents are blowing hot air with the A/C on full blast. This is why the service center here at Land Rover of North Dade will be happy to test your A/C to make sure it's blowing out cold and working properly. Whether the cooling system needs repairs or just a recharge, our service experts will get your A/C back in working condition to keep you comfortable all summer long.

Check your engine coolant

In hot weather, your car's radiator is working extra hard to maintain the engine's optimal operating temperature. As a result, the coolant breaks down faster in hot weather because of this extra pressure on the radiator. Broken down coolant can lead to major issues such as overheating and corrosion of the engine. To prevent this, flushing the coolant and replacing it with new coolant is essential to your car's health in the summertime. If you're not sure when your coolant was flushed last, our service professionals will test it to see if it's broken down.

Get your oil and filter changed

No matter the season, oil changes are a crucial part of your car's health. Oil changes are significant in the summertime because high temperatures can cause engine oil to thicken over time, leading to sludge buildup. Old engine oil is more likely to thicken quicker than oil that is fresh. Old oil also doesn't give engines the proper lubrication they require to maintain a normal operating temperature. Changing the oil and filter in your car regularly will prevent sludge buildup and keep your engine running smoothly.

Test your battery

A car battery is the definition of tiny but mighty because, without it, your car won't get you far. The expert technicians in our service center recommend testing your battery every six months to ensure the power output is where it's supposed to be to start your car every time. You can quickly check your battery by opening your hood and examining the terminals, checking for corrosion or leaking. Our service experts are ready to test your battery's power output to measure the exact power and inform you of its condition.

Check your wiper blades

The last thing you should check is your wiper blades. These are often overlooked, but torn or cracked wiper blades can pose a safety risk by leaving streaks on your windshield in the rain, reducing visibility. If you notice your wipers are beginning to streak or you can see cracks and tears upon a closer look, then come on down to Land Rover of North Dade, where a friendly service expert will help you find wipers that fit perfectly and will clear your windshield for many miles to come.

Get your Car Ready for Summer at Land Rover North Dade

Your Land Rover can take a beating in the summer. Luckily, the service experts here at Land Rover of North Dade are ready to help you stay comfortable and safe in your Land Rover all summer long. You can schedule your next service appointment right here on our website or directly call our service center. We look forward to hearing from you!

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