Land Rover Financing in Florida

Land Rover Financing Florida

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Land Rover is known globally for providing luxurious vehicles with unsurpassed on and off-road performance. If you’re interested in getting into a new Land Rover in Miami, Land Rover North Dade is here to help. From the vast selection of Land Rover models found in our inventory to the friendly sales team to the knowledgeable financing team, Land Rover North Dade will be here to help every step of the way. Continue reading below to learn more about how Land Rover North Dade can help you get into the Land Rover you’ve been dreaming about!

Financing vs Leasing

Our financing team wants you to get into the best financial situation for you. To help do this, we offer financing and leasing options, both allowing you to pay for your new Land Rover over time. Financing is borrowing money from a financial institution like a bank or credit union and paying it back monthly over a predetermined period of time. Financing allows you to customize your vehicle, service it anywhere and comes with no mileage limits. Another option is leasing which, instead of borrowing money to pay for a car, is borrowing the car and paying for it monthly. The monthly payments for a lease are typically lower than financing as you’re paying for the value of the car and not the total cost. While lease agreements come with mileage limits, Land Rover has flexible limits to best fit your needs. Our financing experts can help you decide which option is right for you.

Apply for Financing

When you go to buy a car, knowledge is everything, especially when it comes to financing. To help give you knowledge about your financing options, it’s important to apply for financing. This will take your current financial situation into account and get you pre-approved for a loan. Knowing how much you are approved for will give you confidence before heading to the dealership, as you will know how much you can spend on a car, narrowing your focus to the cars that fall within your budget. Right here on our website, you can find a secure financing application to start the financing process. Once it is reviewed, our experts will get back to you with your best options to get you behind the wheel of a new Land Rover.

Get a Trade In Value

If you have a vehicle you’re currently driving and would like to upgrade to a new Land Rover, we’d love to take it! Trading in a car for a new one is a fantastic way to lower your monthly payments as the value of your current vehicle can be put towards the cost of the new one. Trading in also seamlessly takes the hassle out of selling your old car. You can get an estimated appraisal for your used car right here on our website. To see how much your car might be worth, visit our Value Your Trade page. After answering a few simple questions, you will be given an estimate of your car’s value. To get an exact figure, it will need to be looked over by one of our appraisal specialists, which only takes a few minutes and can be done while you shop for your new Land Rover.

Land Rover Financing Near Me

If you’ve chosen a new Land Rover as your next car, you’ve made an excellent choice! The financing team here at Land Rover North Dade will gladly give you all the information and tools that you need to get into the new Land Rover you want at a rate that works for you. Start the financing process by applying for financing right here on our website and appraising your trade-in vehicle today. Then, when you’re ready, visit our sales team in-store to find the right Land Rover for you and take a test drive. We hope to see you soon!