Land Rover Off-Roading Tips

Land Rover Off-Roading Tips

Off-roading is a fantastic way to enjoy nature and get the most out of your Land Rover. While it may seem intimidating when you're just starting out, anybody can go off-roading with the right preparations and some practice. Land Rover makes some of the most off-road capable vehicles in the world, and the only way to see why is to take them off-roading! Here at Land Rover North Dade, we want to ensure you get the full Land Rover experience. So to help you, we've put together a few of the top off-roading tips you can use to get ready for your next adventure. Continue reading below to learn more!

Before the adventure

Before gearing up and hitting the trails, it is important to understand your vehicle. Be sure to get a good mental picture of what the undercarriage looks like, specifically where the fragile parts like the fuel tank are. Along with this, you should gather a good understanding of your vehicle's stats, like the height, ground clearance, width, and other measurements that will help you handle the trails. You should also read your owner's manual better to understand your vehicle's off-roading technology and features. The last step before venturing out onto the trails is to plan your trip. This entails researching the topography and terrain maps online, rules of the trails you'll be driving on, and pay close attention to the current and recent weather that may affect the terrain. Land Rover 4x4s feature Terrain Response technology, allowing you to select a drive mode to optimize the engine, transmission, differentials, and chassis to provide the perfect capability for that surface.

Driving on sand

When you're driving on sand, you'll want to start by setting the Terrain Response to Sand mode. You may want to lower your tire pressure to a minimum of 15 PSI to create a larger surface area. Off-roading on sand requires steady momentum and low-range gearing. If you're driving on a beach, it's important to pay attention to the tides. A good rule of thumb is remembering that the sand is typically firm enough for a 4x4 approximately between the high tide mark and 13 feet from the sea. If you end up driving on damp sand, switch to the Mud/Ruts mode to better handle sinking into the sand. Lastly, be sure to keep off of wet sand as it may contain quicksand or 'floating' sand.

Driving through water

Land Rover 4x4 models can take on between 19 inches to 35 inches of water. The Wade Sensing technology will help you determine how deep the water is, but you should always check the depth yourself by exploring on foot or using a stick. If another vehicle is entering the water, wait until they're completely out. This is helpful in two ways. First, it allows you to gauge the depth based on how high the water goes on their vehicle. And two, driving through unsettled water is more challenging than when it is settled.

Driving through mud

Driving through mud requires steady momentum to carry the car through. First, set the Terrain Response to Mud and Ruts mode and use a low-range gear. Your tires will cut through the mud and find traction on the firm ground below it when driving through mud. Land Rover 4x4 models feature Traction Control and drive power to the wheels that have to most traction to prevent slipping. If you find your tires spinning, ease off the accelerator to slow the tires and regain grip.

Driving on rocks

Before you begin your journey on a rocky trail, be sure to get out of the vehicle and assess any risks you may encounter, such as jagged rocks that could scrape the car's undercarriage. Then shift into the Terrain Response's Rock Crawl mode to employ low-range gears. If you're traversing a narrow path, have a passenger get out and guide you through, or if your vehicle is equipped, use the 360-degree cameras.

Land Rover 4x4 models at Land Rover North Dade

Land Rover is a legendary brand for beginning off-roaders and experienced ones alike. If you're interested in starting an off-road hobby behind the wheel of a Land Rover 4x4, Land Rover North Dade is the place to be! We have a wide selection of Land Rover models for you to choose from and a knowledgeable sales team that will help find you the car that fits all of your desires. We look forward to seeing you!

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