Discover Why Routine Oil Changes Are Integral for Your Land Rover SUV

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You've chosen to drive a Land Rover Discovery because of its bold and exciting body style, but you love the way it powers through your commute and provides the level of comfort you need to unwind. It only makes sense that you return the favor to your Land Rover Range Rover Sport SUV and give it routine maintenance that will help it to support you for years to come. While some customers view the oil change as a disruption to your daily life, it's important to know why it should be considered a critical routine to stick to.

What Can Fresh Oil Do for Your SUV?

When your engine has fresh oil, it uses it to create a seal between the working parts, such as the pistons, cylinder walls, and rings, reducing friction. When your Land Rover Range Rover moves, its engine generates heat that the oil helps to prevent from overheating. It also helps to trap foreign particles before they end up in the working parts, causing serious damage while also limiting friction by acting as a lubricant.

What Happens If I Don't Replace the Oil Often Enough?

Since oil helps remove foreign objects and heat from your engine while also providing lubrication, your Land Rover Range Rover Velar will use up and break down the oil inside its engine. If not replaced with clean oil, there will be a buildup of varnish that will harm your engine and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Overheating may also occur since the oil would be less likely to carry heat away from the working parts, therefore failing to cool it down.

I Think I Might Need My Oil Changed -- Who Should I Call?

Whether your check engine light has indicated that it is time for an oil change or you're basing your need on the amount of mileage or months since your previous one, contact our team today. We have the Land Rover parts that give your vehicle everything it needs to perform, plus we know whether to use synthetic, conventional, or high-mileage oil on your SUV. Don't waste time worrying about fitting your oil change into your busy schedule -- let our team make quick work of this appointment to get you back to your routine fast.

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